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How Bill 44 Will Impact Homeowners And BC’s Housing Market In 2024

The housing landscape in British Columbia is poised for a significant transformation with the introduction of Bill 44. This comprehensive legislation seeks to encourage housing development by reducing bureaucratic procedures, thereby enabling quicker construction of new homes. Here, we will dissect the details, benefits, and broader impacts of Bill 44 on homeowners, investors, and renters alike.
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10 Fantastic Home Design Trends For This Fall Season

Navy is the hottest colour this season, old fashioned pinks are back and, hello gold carpet! It’s that time of year where the shiny new ...

Fresh Bathroom Trends You Need To Know About

While Eurocucina was the focus of this year’s Salone del Mobile in Milan, the annual International Bathroom Exhibition was also a draw. We found quite ...

Biggest Kitchen Trends That Are Here To Stay

Darker Floors If you choose a light paint for walls or cabinetry, select a dark floor stain to up the cozy factor of the room. ...


Almost there! You’ve now been through the whole renovation process and you are days away from enjoy your new humble abode. The last step (besides ...

Site Walk-throughs and Management Meetings:

Renovations are an exciting process. You will want to be involved in what is going on, walk through the site, see the progress happening and ...

Home-owner Supplied Trades and Material

Let’s face it, you know what you like and you know what you want. It is common for the homeowner to ask if contractors are ...

Engaging with Sub-contractors and Employees

Do you enjoy dealing with people that are difficult to work with? Neither does anyone else. This is why this is a very important part ...

City Inspections

Not all renovations require inspections if they are just cosmetic but if you are building a new house or tackling any sort of large scale ...

Making Change Orders

Change is inevitable in everyday life. It is also (almost) inevitable in every project. Let’s face it, people change, ideas change, things change. It is ...

Payments during Renovation

If you’re this far into the renovation process you obviously know and have thought about the fact that things cost money, that’s life. It is ...

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