High Performance and Passive Homes

A high performance and energy efficient home requires a fraction of the primary energy that a standard state-of-the-art building requires.  All components of the homes’ design are considered to ensure that your energy bills are low, your air is clean and the homes environment maximizes comfort.

Our clients hire us to build their high performance and energy efficient homes because they trust that our training and trades can produce state-of-the-art homes in which both science and art meet.  A home can be beautifully designed, provide an ultimate level of comfort and contribute to reducing carbon emissions.

The Passive House Movement

A Passive House is the pinnacle of energy efficient homes.  They are designed to use passive energy and consume up to 90% less heating and cooling energy than conventional buildings.  Passive Homes can be designed for both on and off the grid living.  In order for a house to be classified as a Passive Home, it must be designed and built to requirements, be tested along the way and be registered as certified once the build is complete.

If you are interested in the Passive Home movement, our certified Passive House tradespeople can walk you through the process.

Our Process

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