Almost there! You’ve now been through the whole renovation process and you are days away from enjoy your new humble abode. The last step (besides enjoying your new home) is the deficiencies process.


Deficiencies are anything that needs to be completed at the end of each project. Typically, a few items may remain to be completed such as paint touch ups, cabinet door adjustments etc. Before issuing the final invoice, a deficiency walk through should be scheduled between the Project Manager and the homeowner. Deficiencies should be noted and mutually agreed upon before being documented by way of writing. Each party should sign the agreed upon list of items to complete. When all items are completed, the final invoice should then be paid in full at this time. All projects will usually have some deficiencies here and there and aren’t often discovered until the homeowners are living in their new home and have had some time to look around and feel how everything works. An optimal time for a deficiency walk through is about 1 week after the homeowners have moved in. At this point, they will have had a chance to get a feel for everything, test their appliances, open and close their doors and drawers etc. At this point, the renovation is still fresh in everyone’s mind. Everyone wants to get things completed as soon as possible.

As much as you’ve enjoyed having your contractor around because you’ve followed these steps over the past weeks, I’m sure you’d be happy to have them out of your house for good!

You have now gone through a typical renovation process and should have a better understanding and have developed confidence in what you can expect from your contractor and what they can expect from you to ensure the absolute best results.

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