Mini Home Lottery Story

The Delta Hospital Foundation’s new Mini-Home Lottery features a prize worth over $20,000 for one lucky winner.  The farm-themed family activity centre includes all the amenities of a real home.  The 60-square-foot mini-home features a two storey design, with a full sleeping loft.  The prize will be awarded fully furnished, and professionally decorated, with
an electrical outlet and free delivery (access dependant).

The concept and creation of the mini-home has been a labour of love for three unique Delta residents. Sarah Gallop of Sarah Gallop Design Inc. approached Brandon Smith and Danny Christian of New Vision Projects with the idea of creating an activity centre with proceeds going to the Delta Hospital Foundation.  “When I actually stopped to think about Delta
Hospital, I was surprised by just how much time I have spent in this wonderful hospital,” said Gallop.  “As a designer, what better way to make a contribution than to design something?  I partnered up with friends at New Vision Projects, and together we’ve committed to design and build the centre and donate it to the hospital to raise money for new equipment.

The mini-home has branched out further than Gallop, Smith and Christian. Various local businesses and individuals donated all the materials, supplies and labour needed. From design and construction to decorating and furnishing, every piece of the activity centre was provided not only free of charge but from Delta organizations as well.

Delta Hospital Foundation executive director Teresa Cooper was astounded by the immense generosity of Sarah Gallop
Design Inc. and New Vision Projects.  “Not only are these individuals donating their time and expertise generously, they are taking a leadership role by organizing this community event. It’s a fun and exciting way to give back to their hospital.”
The completed minihome will be unveiled at the Ladner May Days parade on Sunday, May 29. It will be available for viewing throughout the summer at the Ladner Village Market and at Delta Hospital.  Tickets are $5 and will be available beginning May 27 at 10 a.m. They can be purchased by phone at 604-940-9695 or at Delta Hospital, Delta Carpets or ICI Paints.  For more information about the lottery, visit or call 604-940-9695.  The winner will be drawn Sept. 27. New Mini-Home Lottery benefits Delta Hospital

Mini Home Lottery (2) Mini Home Lottery

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