Development and Rezoning Signs

From time to time, our customers are required to display a Development or Rezoning Sign to meet their local municipality’s guidelines. A Development Sign is commonly required before a home addition/renovation is started. If you do require a Development or Rezoning Sign, we suggest you call Simple Sign.

To visit the Simple Sign’s website, click here.

Simple Sign is a Lower Mainland sign company, focusing exclusively on Coroplast Signs. Their Coroplast Signs include:

– Development Permit Signs
– Rezoning Permit Signs
– Development Proposal Signs
– Variance Signs
– Property Management Signs (For Sale, For Lease, and For Rent)
– Coroplast Real Estate Signs (Commercial and Agricultural use).

By focusing on Coroplast Sign products, Simple Sign reduces our job turnaround time and offers lower prices, due to economies of scale. Their goal is to make our customers ordering process easy, painless, and streamlined. To do this, they offer all-inclusive pricing. Their all-inclusive pricing includes: graphic design, image proofing, sign construction, sign installation, and sign removal.

What makes Simple Sign unique? They strive to reuse all our sign materials. Not only is this good for the environment and communities they work within, it saves our customers the time, cost, and effort in disposing of signs themselves. All otheir sign products are made with Coroplast, which is environmentally friendly and easy to reuse. To learn more about Simple Sign reducing our environmental impact, click here.

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