A Few Key Considerations

Whether you’re planning to stay with friends or family, pitch a tent out back or live within the chaos of a renovation, there are a few key things to take into consideration before the contractor can begin the construction process on your home.

Site Preparation:

Before starting a project the contractor will want to make sure that you have considered Moving Out of the Home and have completed Packing Personal Items.

  • Moving Out of The Home: Construction of the home can be incredibly intrusive and very disruptive to your everyday life which is why it is recommended that homeowners move out of the home throughout the duration of the project. If you choose to stay in the home, please keep in mind that the contractor you hire and their sub-contractors will require full access to the home throughout the renovation and that includes the occasional weekend. It is likely that trades will come by the site sporadically and un-announced during these hours but it is required as part of the process to get the job completed.
  • Packing Personal Items: It is important to keep in mind that nobody wants to see any damaged caused to any of your personal items. Make sure to pack up any personal belongings in the construction area. If you do not have time to do so, professional packing companies can be hired to pack and store your belongings along the process. The contractor should take all care to see that personal belongings are not damaged but cannot guarantee that damages will not be caused. Also, construction can have an effect on other areas that aren’t necessarily part of the main renovation and damages can occur. Keep in mind that these items can also be affected and take proper precaution. It is a good idea that these areas are also secured and protected as before construction starts. Talk to your contractor about potential issues and get their opinion. They are there to help!
    • For example: If renovations are occurring on the lower floor of a home there may be some demolition that causes a picture frame to fall off a wall in a bedroom upstairs.

Stay tuned for a couple tips to make the payment process of your renovation run smoothly.

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