505-Junk and New Vision Projects Partnership

Building a Sustainable Future Together

In the quest for a future that prioritizes sustainability and environmental awareness, partnerships that share common values and creative solutions have become progressively more essential. At 505-Junk and New Vision Projects, our joint commitment to accountability, leadership, and sustainability drives us to make a difference in our communities. When two like-minded local companies come together, great things happen. 

Who Are New Vision and 505-Junk?

New Vision Projects Inc. is all about passion and innovation in residential and commercial construction. They build unique homes and inspiring commercial spaces while actively reducing the industry’s carbon footprint. Community involvement and consistent training are central to their mission as they aim to develop the next generation of talented craftspeople.

505-Junk, on the other hand, is a leader in the junk removal sector. With a focus on environmental stewardship and cutting-edge technology, they are transforming waste management. Their team of dedicated professionals has earned a reputation as an eco-conscious, community-focused leader.

Local Companies, Local Values

Both 505-Junk and New Vision Projects were founded in Tsawwassen in 2011 and began a professional partnership five years later, in 2016. The partnership has been a journey of shared values and a vision for a greener, more responsible future. Our common hometown roots have always been a source of pride. We both believe that a strong community starts with local businesses that care about the place they call home. 

Shared Values 

The partnership between New Vision Projects and 505-Junk goes beyond just being local. We are united by a core set of values that are the heart of our businesses – accountability, leadership, and sustainability. These values drive the decisions we make, guiding us to work towards a greener, cleaner future, together.

Both of our companies understand the importance of sustainable construction practices. The services provided by 505-Junk play a crucial role in supporting New Vision Projects as they forge a sustainable future for their clients. By adeptly removing and diverting waste from local landfills, 505-Junk not only upholds its joint dedication to sustainability by maximizing diversion tracking but also directly contributes to enhancing New Vision Projects’ bottom line. This, in turn, empowers them to provide more cost-effective solutions to their clients without compromising on eco-friendly practices.

The Power of Our Partnership

Our partnership is built on trust and integrity. For New Vision, it is of utmost importance to carefully select the partners they bring on-site, as these individuals and companies are a direct reflection of their values and reputation. New Vision has found trust in 505-Junk, who consistently demonstrates professionalism and hard work. This seven-year professional relationship has provided New Vision with peace of mind, knowing that 505-Junk is not only reliable but also consistently upholds the highest standards of professionalism.

New Vision opts for live-loading junk removal over bin drop-offs primarily due to the efficiency. Live-loading junk removal services guarantee the seamless progression of construction and renovation projects. The 505-Junk team is readily available to promptly dispose of waste as it is generated, resulting in streamlined operations for New Vision Projects. This heightened efficiency effectively reduces downtime and consistently delivers client satisfaction through swift and efficient project execution.

In closing, the partnership between 505-Junk and New Vision Projects is not just a collaboration between businesses; it’s a commitment to our community and the environment. We are excited to continue working together to set new standards for accountability, leadership, and sustainability in our industry. As we move forward, we are confident that our partnership will remain a shining example of how local companies with shared values can make a significant impact on a sustainable future.

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